KM Koo Ship Bridge Simulator

Maritime Museum’s Brand New Facility On Board: KM Koo Ship Bridge Simulator Design For Culture designed the enclosure and surrounding spaces for Hong Maritime Museum’s the HK$4.7 million KM Koo Ship Bridge Simulator, a professional grade Ship Bridge simulator with a state-of-the-art control deck for ocean-going vessels. Visitors can control a variety of ships including […]

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In the Midst of a Storm

In the Midst of Storm: Hong Kong’s Early Typhoons Hits Hong Kong Maritime Museum

July-September 2016

This exhibition revolves around the catastrophic 1874 and 1906 typhoons.  Historical images and artifacts offer visitors a glimpse of these major weather events and how Hong Kong people and the Hong Kong observatory in particular dealt with the aftermath.

The exhibition design  uses a deliberately skewed arrangement, as if the display cases and panels are affected by strong wind. The exhibition uses materials commonly used in Hong Kong to protect against rain and wind such as sandbags, rope and green tarpaulin, to create a weather related atmosphere. Exhibition content is mostly archival photography, large format projections are alternated with prints and framed images to create a varied presentation.

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