Alexander Rodchenko: Everything ––– Experiment


Alexander Rodchenko: Everything ––– Experiment
Exhibition design, exhibition graphics, installation co-ordination and graphic design of the exhibition catalog.
F11 Foto Museum, Hong Kong.
28 October 2017 – 31 March 2018

Exhibition of 130 photographs by the pioneering Russian constructivist artist and photographer, Alexander Rodchenko.

The exhibition uses a rigid grid to place the picture frames on the walls. However, the positioning of the images within the picture frame was informed by the way Rodchenko presented his own work in the 1935 exhibition “Masters of Soviet Photography”. Images are not centred in the frame, instead their position is ‘constructed’ so the composition is dynamically enhanced.

The exhibition’s section titles are a visual ‘constructivist’ play on their meanings. The exhibition catalog follows the exhibition’s sequence, image positioning and background colors.