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Lee Kum Kee Archives

The Family and Corporate Archives of Lee Kum Kee
Interior design.
Tai Po, Hong Kong.
Completed 2018

Lee Kum Kee is a manufacturer of condiments, especially famous for its oyster sauce, invented by the company’s founder over 100 years ago. The company is still run by the Lee family today.

The family and corporate archives were set up to preserve this heritage and a floor in the administration building of Lee Kum Kee’s  Tai Po factory was converted for this purpose.

Besides the technical exercise of providing the storage, climate control and fire safety facilities it was also an exercise in designing an attractive and comfortable archive.

The archive is planned around a central corridor, giving a clear impression of the size of the archive’s holdings. This layout also proved efficient in terms of maximising storage capacity. The plan provided several more years of anticipated use before space would run out.

Most of the archive’s content is safely stored away, display space was provided at the entrance and in showcases in the central corridor to give visual clues about the nature of the archives holdings to visitors..

The office space was designed in close collaboration with the archivist. Generous worktops to lay out materials and pin up boards create more places to view and evaluate archival materials.